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Onsite Data Sanitization and Destruction 

No compromises. Zero risks. Total peace of mind. From onsite hard drive shredding, puncturing and degaussing to data erasure which exceeds NIST 800-88, here’s our range of onsite data destruction services.


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Onsite data destruction & hard drive shredding services from SK tes


Designed to meet the needs of businesses in highly regulated industries, our onsite data wiping and erasure solutions go above and beyond industry standards.

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Onsite degaussing

The process starts with an engineer delivering degaussing equipment to your site. SK tes’ onsite degaussing service applies an electromagnetic pulse of 9000 Oersteds, almost twice the level of the coercivity of today’s disk drives, to erase all information on a data storage device. The hard drive is rendered inoperable during this process and cannot be reused.

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Onsite hard drive shredding

At your location, memory storage devices can be shredded in line with your security policies (or we can advise on this too), before being cataloged and certified as destroyed. This can include all kinds of storage devices like spindle drives, SSD drives, USB drives, SIM card, SD and MicroSD cards. Waste is then removed and goes into recycling.

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Onsite puncturing

The process of puncturing SSDs is slightly different from shredding. At your location, we place drives into machinery containing a press that punctures multiple pins into the hard drive and the chips contained within them which completely annihilates the data contained. Once the memory chips are destroyed following the puncturing process, the drive is littered with holes.

Onsite data erasure that’s above and beyond

This process achieves a data overwrite which exceeds the NIST 800-88 standard and ensures 100% of sectors are overwritten.

Expert technicians arrive onsite and go through our regimented operating procedures for data erasure. Drives with damaged sectors that cannot be overwritten are removed and shredded.


How onsite data destruction works

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Planning an on site shredding acitivy?

Download the 12-step checklist to effortlessly complete your onsite shredding.

Download Onsite Shredding Checklist  
Onsite Shredding Checklist

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