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Commercial Energy Storage Systems

Even now, at the dawn of the electric vehicle revolution, the industry retires over six MILLION batteries per year. Using SK tes’ proprietary technology, these batteries can be repurposed into commercial energy storage systems.


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Putting energy to good use with SK tes commercial battery storage systems

It’s about creating a closed-loop solution out of material previously viewed as waste.

It’s about repurposing material in a sustainable way that can be reused in the forward supply chain. It’s about doing the right thing for our stakeholders and our planet. Technology allows us to recapture and repurpose materials from retired-first-life batteries and create renewable energy storage. 

From modular battery storage ranging from 10 to 100 kWh to Containerized Energy Storage Systems ranging from tens of kWh to MWh energy and battery monitoring system which includes features such as low voltage cut-off and temperature and humidity sensing.

All of our products help to power a sustainable future:

  • Create an island of 3 MWh of energy inside a simple 40ft container
  • Combined with renewable energy supplies as a cleaner solution than generators
  • To give off-grid or vital infrastructure buildings a reliable, clean back-up energy solution that’s totally self-served and easy to install, maintain and run

SK tes has strategically located battery recycling facilities in France and Singapore to best-serve manufacturers with a closed-loop battery disposal option that helps create commercial Energy Storage Systems. Using these facilities, we can compliantly move those batteries from other countries using our logistics expertise and network of difficult-to-obtain transboundary permits.

See an Energy Storage System facility in action

As governments around the world search for alternative energy sources and creative ways to reduce energy consumption, second-life batteries emerge as a viable solution.



A second life for batteries and a new beginning

We believe it’s crucial that enterprises around the world help accelerate the switch to renewable energy sources.

That’s why our innovative Commercial Energy Storage System was designed to be modular, self-contained, easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain. It can be easily installed in remote or hard to reach locations without disruption or ongoing fuel needs.
Putting retired electric vehicle batteries into this system:
  • Reduces landfill and storage costs
  • Extends the use of finite materials
  • Reduces the need to source more raw materials from the earth




Let's work together to create a more sustainable future!