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GDPR – business as usual for IT asset lifecycle specialist

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Business as usual for IT asset lifecycle specialist

It’s time to stop the scaremongering surrounding GDPR, according to a global leader in the management and IT asset disposition services. As the May 2018 deadline looms, TES explains how savvy businesses which embrace the new data protection laws will be able to effectively track assets and reduce overall IT cost and environmental impact. The new General Data Protect Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) which is set to come into force Europe-wide from May 2018, will replace current Data Protection legislation.

Download the white paperThe new EU driven regime is aimed at giving citizens back control of their personal data and brings with it a number of stringent responsibilities for companies regarding data storage, cleansing, monitoring and management as a whole. Despite this and the possibility of potential fines of up to €20m or up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover for data breaches, TES, a company specialising in data sanitisation, management and security have issued some guidance for UK businesses after conducting their own research into the area.

A whitepaper published by TES advises businesses to take sensible, precautionary steps regarding the new laws, but avoid the culture of fear that many are trying to create around the topic.

TES _ Stephen GrahamStephen Graham, General Manager (EMEA) at TES said: “There’s a lot of scaremongering around the new GDPR. Whilst the regulations will crack down on businesses in breach of their corporate responsibilities surrounding data consent, storage, access and security, there are fairly simple steps that can be taken”.

“Businesses will need to have a tight grip on their data in terms of consumers providing active consent, but those doing the right things already so far as data storage, sanitisation and erasure are concerned shouldn’t have anything to worry about. For example, we already work with businesses on a daily basis to perform onsite data erasure, degaussing and where it’s a preferred option: hardware shredding. By working with us, clients can rest assured that data which should be disposed of can be done so securely and cost effectively in line with compliance requirements”.

“How businesses track asset lifecycles and handle complete removal of data are key to adhering to GDPR, specialist data erasure solutions on-site minimise security risks and maximise lifetime value of hardware. Our services enable clients to track assets throughout their entire lifecycle, apply multiple erasures as required and ultimately donate or sell equipment on in confidence; off-setting against the replacement costs – dramatically reducing global IT budgets”.

“Like when any new law is introduced, there are those that will look to try and piggyback on people’s fear to create a revenue stream. However, because TES are already helping organisations to erase data and safely recycle IT equipment we are confident businesses can reap significant cost advantages from new processes as a result of GDPR”.

TES also assist businesses with environmentally compliant electronic waste recycling, asset recovery and managed deployment of IT projects. TES recommend businesses embrace GDPR as it will ultimately lead to greater efficiency. More information about GDPR and end to end solutions to control expenditure can be found in the TES GDPR whitepaper down below.



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