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Data Center Decommissioning

From cage clean-outs, cable mining and asset removal to repurposing, resale and recycling of data center equipment, our global coverage delivers consistent and sustainable data center lifecycle services - wherever you are. 


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Extensive experience managing complex data center decommissioning programs around the world.

SK tes works with the largest cloud companies in the world to compliantly, securely and sustainably manage the challenges associated with retiring data center equipment. Our data center asset management process begins at your site, where our team of experts handle the physical decommissioning, inventorying, reconciliation, data destruction, and asset packaging for shipment. Following this, we process your assets in one of our 40+ owned data center processing and recycling facilities to meet the highest standards of security, compliance and environmental responsibility.

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Seamless On-Site Services

Our on-site services ensure a seamless decommissioning process for your data center equipment. Skilled data center technicians remove all racked equipment, hard drives, servers and other services, preparing them for transportation to a staging area where to be prepared for processing.  SK tes data center experts conduct a full inventory of your entire data center to provide detailed information for each IT asset, including make, model and serial number to reconcile any discrepancies.

To protect your sensitive data, we offer data wiping services that exceed the NIST 800-88 standard, or physical destruction of your data center storage media. Our meticulous process includes identifying unused cables and removing them from your facility to be sustainably processed at one of our global data center recycling facilities.

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Secure Asset Processing

At SK tes, we understand the importance of getting the highest possible value out of your data center assets. Our detailed testing procedure validates asset functionality and helps to determine their residual value. Our decision tree algorithm allows us to assess whether selling parts individually or as a whole will generate a higher value. With our strong relationships with hyperscale datacenter companies, we have access to a variety of resale markets, which enables us to drive higher values for your assets.

Our local market knowledge is diverse, and our data analytics-driven approach allows us to track pricing, sellers, and buyers. This ensures that we can sell your used data center equipment in the right place at the right time, depending on where pricing is best. With our asset processing services, you can be assured that you are getting the most value out of your assets.

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Sustainable Data Centers

Sustainability is a critical aspect of our operations, and we are committed to delivering sustainable data center decommissioning services. Our robust sales process and inventory management system automatically identifies assets and parts that are suitable for redeployment, helping to maximize the value recovered from your data center hardware. For any equipment and material that isn't suitable for reuse, the industry-leading, certified recycling processes at SK tes enable us to recycle all materials and convert them into reusable commodities.

Reusing and recycling data center assets is an effective way to reduce carbon emissions because it reduces the need to manufacture new assets and materials. By adopting sustainable practices we can reduce our environmental impact and contribute to sustainable Circular Economy.


Recover value from used data center hardware and offset the cost of upgrading your IT infrastructure

Find out what your data center and enterprise IT equipment is worth with our useful guide.


How to plan your data center decommissioning timeline to optimize value recovery and minimize disruption to your operating environment...

8 Months Before

Begin asset auditing, tagging and registration of your data center equipment, working to ascertain how many assets in your data center need to be decommissioned. SK tes can provide smart hands services to perform asset registration at your site, providing visibility and traceability of all your data center hardware.

7 Months Before

Time for asset disposition planning. Decide which data center servers can be assessed for remarketing or parts harvesting, which are ready for recycling and whether any assets need to be returned to the leaser. SK tes can provide expert market insights to support asset disposition planning for data center decommissioning.

6 Months Before

Based on your asset inventory and planning, you can finalize a timeline for your data center decommissioning project, including milestones that keep you on track. The experienced ITAD specialists at SK tes can help you with project planning and creating a robust audit trail for your data center decommissioning process.

5 Months Before

Decide on the most appropriate data destruction technique, software data erasure or physical data destruction for your data center hardware, legacy equipment and media that need to be disposed of. SK tes provides expert guidance on data destruction options for your data center equipment. 

4 Months Before

In this month, the labor-intensive work might begin. This will include de-cabling and packing of servers and cabinets. Your data center reverse logistics specialists should provide clear guidance on the best way to handle, store and pack your data center equipment to protect it from damage and preserve value.

3 Months Before

Begin to return your leased assets to allow for testing times and transportation before your lease expires. At this point, you should also check whether your data center specialist ITAD partner is hitting its agreed-upon goals.

Discuss your sustainability reporting requirements with your data center decommissioning company and ensure that they provide reporting that demonstrates the positive impact of your repurposed equipment on the data center carbon footprint. 

2 Months Before

Data center assets you’ve decided to reuse will move be securely and safely transported from your location to your new data center or to a specialist technology lifecycle service provider, like SK tes, to be reimaged, reprogramed, or processed for remarketing. 

Any liquidated assets should be ready to leave the current facility.

1 Month Before

By this point, every major data center decommissioning project requirement should be completed. This last month can be used to take care of the final tasks, manage any project overrun and your data center specialists at SK tes will begin processing data center servers and hardware for remanufacturing, redeployment, resale or recycling. 




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