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Meet the team - Alpesh Parmar

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Meet the team... Alpesh Parmar
Production Manager, Australia and New Zealand

What I do
I am responsible for leading our production teams in both Australia and New Zealand.


How did you get to work for TES?
I was looking to relocate and applied for a role I'd seen advertised for TES's New South Wales (NSW) production manager. I have since been promoted to Australia and New Zealand's (ANZ) production manager.

Tell us an interesting fact about you.
Since birth, I have lived in three different countries.

Do you have a favourite film?
The Wolf of Wall Street.

Do you have a favourite saying?
Do it right the first time.

What do you like about working for TES?
TES creates and maintains a nice working environment for its employees which allows us to enjoy and to be productive in
our daily tasks, which permits us to fulfill our commitment to a social, economic, and sustainable tomorrow.

What does it mean to you, to work for an organization which is sustaining tomorrow?
The phrase 'Sustaining Tomorrow' holds great value in my life. To me, it means doing better for our planet and future generations which is where TES excels.





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