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Meet the team - Carl Ghatan

- 4 minute read

Meet the team... Carl Ghatan
General Manager, Sweden

What I do
Lead the team and whatever else is expected of a manager.

Jönköping, Sweden  

How did you get to work for TES?
I joined in November 2017. Thomas Holberg did contact me over Linkedin many years after we meet in another situation, where he offered Dataserv services to the organization I worked for that time. We set up a meeting with Jens Deimel (General Manager in Sweden at that point). Jens explained what TES did and it was a match! 

Tell us an interesting fact about you.
I've been an outdoor person all my life. dedicated ornithologist and quite clever with animals. Used to be a Marathon runner (best 3.30). My absolute no 1 focus is my 4 children, whom I am very proud of.

What is your favourite film?
Rain Man.

Do you have a favourite saying?
"Human Nature is basically good." (Stan Shi from Acer) 

What do you like about working for TES?
The people. What we do for the sustainability of the Earth. What we offer our customer in Security. That every day is fun and we get the trust to deliver!

What does it mean to you, to work for an organization which is sustaining tomorrow?
This was the reason I agreed to join TES. I strongly believe in what we do and what we offer. On top, we are truly global which I find very attractive. We have consistent processes, we invest in our people, and ensure we all work the same way. All in the best interest of earth and people.  


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