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TES Announced As Reuters Responsible Business Awards 2020 Finalist

- 4 minute read

TES is proud to announce we have been selected as a finalist for the Sustainability Innovation and Circular Innovation categories at Reuters Events Responsible Business Awards 2020 – the world’s leading celebration of responsible business excellence

Responsible Business Awards 2020, 8 - 9 October, 2020

The awards celebrate and recognise businesses that have a positive impact on business, society, and the environment; offering a global benchmark for driving change. The 2019 awards saw leading brands such as Mastercard, Kimberly-Clark, The Body Shop, and BT to name a few, as award winners in their space.

This year, the virtual awards ceremony will take place between the 8th and 9th October, where the eventual winners will be selected by a senior judging panel comprising Sally Uren, Chief Executive of Forum for the Future, Mike Barry, Director, Mikebarryeco Limited, Vicky Sin, Climate Benchmark Lead, World Benchmarking Alliance Mike Peirce, Corporate Partnership Director, The Climate Group, James Gomme, Director SDGs, WBCSD and many more.

TES’s Innovative Closed Loop Battery Recycling and Reuse

The continued growth in demand for lithium battery-powered devices is placing an increasing demand on the raw materials required to create those devices. Further, those materials are sourced from countries where local political issues can affect trade and supply; presenting uncertainty, risk, and cost for the buyers sourcing those materials.

In response, TES has made strategic investments in circular solutions which achieve incremental economic, social, and environmental outcomes over linear take, make, dispose of models for end of life technologies.

These facilities employ innovative recycling processes and equipment such as auto- punching machines, shredders, separators, and chemical treatments to achieve high recovery of commodity-grade cobalt, lithium, and other commodity elements safely with no harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Recycling capabilities are vertically integrated with reuse and re-purposing to build "2nd life" battery energy storage systems that extend product life and achieve even higher environmental outcomes with improved, more sustainable economics.



TES _ Gary Steele (white background)Gary Steele, TES’s Chief Executive Officer

“Investing in technology that keeps TES at the forefront of the sustainability movement is in our DNA’, said Gary Steele, TES’s chief executive officer. ‘Looking ahead, by 2030, there will be over six million battery packs retiring from electric vehicles each year. There is year over year exponential growth projected in the mobility, IoT, and energy storage solutions spaces. The reality is that the global processing infrastructure does not have enough capacity today to provide those batteries the true closed-loop solutions they demand. At TES we are committed to helping close that gap.”





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