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New facility set to close the loop on the Nordics aged IT Assets

- 10 minute read

TES’s latest state of the art facility in Jönköping, is ready to close-the-loop on the Nordic region’s aged IT Assets

We have to urgently address how businesses can preserve resources whilst generating value for stakeholders, if we are to tackle the climate crisis.

Irrespectively, it should be embraced as the opportunity that it is. 

Businesses which are making the shift towards a circular economy, find themselves more likely to strike the balance between delivering for business, people and planet. It is these forward-thinking businesses in ever increasing numbers, who are benefiting from the double-positive' environmental and bottom-line benefit, held within the correct management of their aged IT Assets, with TES as their guide. 

It will probably come as no surprise, that our latest upgraded and larger facility is driven by an increased demand in the country which sends only 1% of its residential waste to landfill*, and is frequently cited as an environmental pioneer. 

We have had a facility in Sweden since 2009, which alongside over forty other owned and operated facilities across the globe, is facilitating a revolutionary approach to IT asset disposition and reverse logistics. 


A space to grow

The new larger facility in Jönköping will be able to handle up to 7,000 units per week; including items such as computers, services and mobile phones, up from 1,500 at our previous facility. 

It will also be a place in which we look forward to welcoming customers, who will be able to see first-hand, how up to 90% of aged IT Assets received at the facility, can be refurbished and then resold. 

The additional space over time, also provides the foundations to offer a broader suite of services in time. 

Strategic geography 

Jönköping is on the highway from Stockholm to the second and third largest cities in Sweden, Göteborg and Malmö. This convenience makes the new site, a logistic hub which is also home to several other major companies; a perfect location therefore from which to serve the Nordics. 


The approach to security on all of our sites is uncompromising; offering full responsibility and stewardship of our client's assets throughout the IT Lifecycle; and Jönköping will be no different. 

We will be the only business operating within the fenced boundary of the new site. Further, the site is monitored by a state-of-the-art security system; offering 24/7 security, with several days back up recording. 


Carl Ghatan, General Manager SwedenTES _ Carl Ghatan

This move to Thorsvik, Jönköping, is strategically an excellent place for our business. This will offer an improved working environment for the team, offering a place all our staff can proudly call their place of work.  

This major investment by TES globally ensures a strong and safe presence in the Nordic market, to meet the increasing demand for our services. 







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