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TES joins World Economic Forum’s Global Battery Alliance

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The Global Battery Alliance (GBA) is a public-private collaboration of over 70 organizations. As an active partner of the Alliance, TES is supporting the GBA’s vision to establish a sustainable battery value chain. 

Why is the Global Battery Alliance Required?

If we seize the opportunity presented by making technological advancements in the production, use and the reuse of batteries, by 2030 this could provide 30% of the CO2 reductions required to meet the Paris Agreement’s goals on transport and power. These sectors currently are responsible for 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions. 


This challenge requires a scaling up of the battery supply chain, and the concerted effort of Governments, businesses and NGOs, brought together by the World Economic Forum’s Global Battery Alliance. 

The opportunity 

The action required to seize this opportunity is twofold: 

        • Accelerate the deployment of battery technology
          Increase investment across the entire value chain, including charging infrastructure. Batteries also need to be made more affordable; by lowering production costs and increasing their use.

        • Ensure batteries are produced responsibly and sustainably 
          Responsible and sustainable production means lower emissions and improving the repurposing and recycling of batteries. 

Global Battery Alliance - The focus 

The Global Battery Alliance has adopted 10 guiding principles, which TES’s best-in-class experts are ideally positioned to support through a shared objective, to create long-term value for employees, clients, shareholders and society, through sustainable value chains.  

The GBA’s 10 guiding principles as agreed by 42 global organizations: 

      1. Maximizing the productivity of batteries in their first life 
      2. Enabling a productive and safe second life use 
      3. Ensuring the circular recovery of battery materials 
      4. Ensuring transparency of greenhouse gas emissions and their progressive reduction 
      5. Prioritizing energy efficiency measures and substantially increase the use of renewable energy as a source of power and heat when available 
      6. Fostering battery-enabled renewable energy integration and access with a focus on developing countries 
      7. Supporting high quality job creation and skills development 
      8. Immediately and urgently eliminating child and forced labor, strengthening communities and respecting the human rights of those employed by the value chain 
      9. Fostering protection of public health and the environment, minimizing and remediating the impact from pollution in the value chain 
      10. Supporting responsible trade and anti-corruption practices, local value creation and economic diversification 

TES _ Thomas HolbergThomas Holberg, Global Vice President of Battery Operations: “TES has a clear vision: to be a global sustainability leader. Joining an alliance made up of such diverse and prestigious members is a huge step forward towards meeting this vision. 

If we are to tackle climate change, the challenge of our generation, it's imperative that alliances like the Global Battery Alliance foster collaboration and shared thinking across the entire value chain.” 



Find out more information about the GBA here. 


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