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TES Acquires Assets of Custom Controllers UK

- 2 minute read

This acquisition will see the Custom Controllers UK brand brought into TES's growing consumer business, joining Envirofone, Cash4Tech, Stock Must Go and TSI.

Custom Controllers was established in 2007 to offer gaming controller repair and modification. The brand has since grown rapidly to offer a range of customised controllers and a create-your-own-controller app.

Custom Controllers is a strategic investment which will align with TES’s existing retail-returns partnerships, allowing TES to continue to expand its ever-growing portfolio of products.

  • Custom Controllers has collaborated with several leading brands.
  • It offers more than 500 different designs today.
  • Custom Controllers has a 200,000-person fanbase across its website and social media platforms.
Steve Graham, Vice President and General Manager of TES EMEA, added: ‘ We are delighted to announce our latest acquisition of the assets of Custom Controllers UK (CCUK), a well-established brand in the gaming industry, offering a huge selection of customised gaming controllers. CCUK have previously worked with some of the biggest brands, retailers and social influencers in the world. With TES’s global reach, our goal is to build Custom Controllers into a brand available to users across the globe. This expansion will also allow TES to assist traditional brands to break into the ever-growing e-sports and gaming market, enhancing the customer experience and supporting TES’s core sustainability strategy.’
The Custom Controllers UK production will be moved to the TES Cannock facility and will slot straight into our ever-expanding gaming department.


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