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TES and Strides Mobility sign Memorandum Of Understanding on EV batteries

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TES will work with the Singapore fleet operator to responsibly collect and repurpose end-of-life EV batteries and enhance the EV charging infrastructure in Singapore.

SINGAPORE, 16 September 2022 — TES has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with established Singapore-based transportation company Strides Mobility to collaborate on lithium-ion battery recycling and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure expansion in Singapore. Under the agreement, the two companies will work on EV battery recycling and charging and energy storage initiatives.

The agreement involves information sharing on numerous aspects of e-mobility, with TES providing services such as battery life cycle assessment, the safe handling and recycling of end-of-life EV batteries, and the use of TES’s 2nd Life Energy Storage System (ESS) technology in Stride Mobility’s growing charging station infrastructure.

TES and Strides Mobility, which operates a sizable fleet of EV taxis and a provider of electric Mobility-as-a-service (eMaaS) to corporate fleet owners, will work together closely to build the infrastructure, supporting the reverse supply chain and future innovations to help ensure that Singapore remains a thought leader in this space.

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"This is a great day for all Singaporeans who care about e-mobility," states Terence Ng, Executive Chairman of TES. "It is our privilege to work closely with Strides Frontier as it begins to take significant steps on its journey to provide a clean EV fleet that can be enjoyed by all Singaporeans."

Ng says this kind of partnership is exactly why TES has invested heavily in end-of-life battery services—services for which it is becoming well known (

Ng also notes that TES is excited to work in its “hometown” of Singapore to deploy its ESS technology and increase its involvement in the regional and global quest to expand and upgrade the EV charging infrastructure.

“Singapore has long distinguished itself as both a global transportation and logistics hub and as a Garden City that is leading the way in sustainability,” states Ng. “This agreement with the Strides Frontier organization will help further advance Singapore’s status in these global leadership categories.”




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