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TES to Acquire Assets of Recupyl SAS

- 2 minute read

Acquisition of Recupyl’s assets accelerates TES’s move into the battery processing market in Europe

  • Deep recycling capabilities around a wide range of battery types
  • Recupyl’s assets will be deployed across existing TES infrastructure

SINGAPORE (29 October 2018) – TES announced that it has acquired the assets of Recupyl SAS, a leading provider of battery recycling services in France and mainland Europe. The acquisition complement’s TES’s vision to deliver integrated IT lifecycle solutions and helping our clients manage the complexities/risks that are inherent in them. It will allow TES to create a regional battery recycling center in Europe while advantaging the synergies that come with keeping this material localized.

Recupyl offers an industry leading battery recycling process, serving as a global partner providing customers with end-to-end battery recycling solutions. Recupyl’s deep understanding around the science of battery recycling encompasses alkaline, zinc-carbon, and lithium-ion batteries and has made it a market leader in this space over the last decade. This expertise extends to the shipping, logistics, and environmental compliance that is an embedded part of the services they provide.

Recupyl's battery recycling plant based in Grenoble, France utilises a bespoke, low-temperature, low-power patented process that can give a second life to a broad range of materials, including manganese and lithium.

“Recupyl has an outstanding reputation in the market, well earned by delivering outstanding service,” said Steve Graham, TES Europe GM. “With cobalt sources getting scarcer and demand rising sharply, it is a natural move for TES to enter the battery recycling market in a meaningful way. I am confident this acquisition will further our ability to deliver outstanding value to our clients.”

TES is backed by Navis Capital Partners, one of southeast Asia’s largest private equity companies with over US$5 billion under management. Jean-Christophe Marti, Senior Partner at Navis, commented: “From mobile devices to EV cars to IoT, battery powered applications and devices will grow exponentially over the next decade. The acquisition of Recupyl’s assets positions TES to take advantage of that growth and supports our strategic efforts around the circular economy.”


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