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Award Winning Circular Battery Solution

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Award-winning Battery recycling solution highlights a route to further the sustainability credentials of the tech industry

The consumer appetite for sustainable thinking has never been greater. Businesses now more than ever, have a duty to meet their customer’s demands in doing the right thing by the planet.

There is a double upside... being a good business, is good for business.

As we continue to accelerate towards our increasingly connected world, and our appetite for technology increases, new green challenges continually present themselves. The demand for commercial battery recycling services highlights the cause and effect challenges facing businesses on this journey.  

Cobalt and lithium are the primary materials in most of the batteries powering new technology including things like smartphones, laptops and electric vehiclesThese batteries can be recharged over a period of yearsthey are portable and have a high energy density... at the same time commodities like cobalt and lithium are finite resources that are mined in ways and regions that are not sustainable long term 

Supporting Business To Circularity  

For businesses to overcome these challenges and to go beyond greenwashing savvy customers, it requires finding partnerships that offer innovative solutions to close the loop. 

TES’s hydrometallurgy process offers true closed-loop recycling, consumes less energy compared to other solutions, and includes the extraction of lithium and cobalt at purity rates that can exceed 95%. This process has recently been recognised as project of the year by the Singapore Business Review’s Technology Excellence Awards 2020.  

“As the first facility here to recover precious metals from batteries using a new hydrometallurgy process, TES B allows Singapore to offer closed loop battery recycling services, thus serving domestic needs and enhancing the regional value chain for e-waste management,” said Assistant Managing Director Damian Chan in a press release on the facility’s establishment.  “In addition, as electric vehicle adoption and solar deployment scale up in Singapore, TES B and TES’s efforts in second-life energy storage solutions (ESS) will contribute to our battery recycling and energy management ecosystem,’ he added.



The Technology Excellence Awards, presented by Singapore Business Review, was held via video conferencing throughout the first and second week of June. This year’s nominations were judged by a panel consisting of Daryl Pereira, Head of Cyber at KPMG; Cheang Wai Keat, Head of Advisory Services in Singapore and ASEAN Technology Consulting Leader at Ernst & Young; Chin Chee Choon, Advisory Leader and Assurance Director at Nexia TS; Rizwi Wun, Partner, Acting Head of Intellectual Property and Technology Practice Group at RHTLaw Asia; Carolyn Chin-Parry, Managing Director and Digital Accelerator Leader at PwC. 

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