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Developing TES’s 17 Sustainable Impact Goals

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Sustainable development is about ensuring that the future needs of people and the planet are not jeopardised by the actions we take today. At TES, we believe that our success is directly linked to the well-being of people and the planet. Therefore, we have integrated social, economic, and environmental responsibility into the services we provide and the way we interact with others.  

Our sustainability strategy is underpinned by our 17 Sustainable Impact Goals (SIGs), which demonstrate our intended actions in the short, medium, and long term to combat climate change and promote responsible consumption and production, quality education and partnerships.  

We are dedicated to Sustaining Tomorrow by keeping assets and materials in circulation, which is essential to ensure that the world’s resources and not depleted for future generations. Our technology management solutions are designed to help our clients reduce the need for replacement and maximize return on investment. We encourage the reuse and repurposing of assets through the transformation and recycling of end-of-life assets to recover primary materials and minimize waste.  

At TES, we understand the importance of sustainable development and are committed to doing our part to make a positive impact on society and the environment. We believe that by taking action today, we can help create a better tomorrow for future generations.  

Our strategy is to protect the privacy, brand, intellectual property, data and trust of our customers, preserve our natural environment and the use of scarce resources and provide a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace and community for people to thrive.  


Our first seven initiatives are designed to protect data security and operate our business in a responsible and sustainable way. They demonstrate our values, ethics and governance in action throughout our business operations and client relationships.  

Protecting data security and operating our business responsibly and sustainably is key to maintaining the trust of our clients and stakeholders. Data breaches and unethical business practices can have severe consequences. Our first seven initiatives demonstrate our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. They have been created to protect our client’s data and ensure that our business operates in a sustainable manner.  


The next five initiatives take action to preserve our natural environment and the use of scarce resources through asset life extension, waste management, being accountable and transparent and by conserving or eliminating the use of non-renewable resources.  

Responsible resource use is at the core of the circular economy. It extends beyond offering device remarketing and recycling services into facilitating closed-loop materials use and regeneration. TES is committed to driving research and development partnerships to improve technology circularity and to support these objectives, particularly in regard to lithium-ion battery technology.  

We also continue to extend our efforts to deliver more local services, expanding our facility and partner network to provide local low GHG emissions footprint services across key demand geographies while also ensuring environmental compliance. Delivering our services with a low carbon footprint requires a focus on energy intensity, and we will strive to continue to identify opportunities to reduce energy use and utilize renewable electricity sources.  


Our last five initiatives are focused on providing a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace and community for people to thrive. TES aims to maintain a safe working environment and zero injuries through its mature health and safety management system underpinned by an extensive training program and an engaged and motivated workforce.  

TES recognises that its people are its most valuable resource in delivering advanced IT asset disposition (ITAD) services for our clients. We place great importance on engaging with, developing, and motivating our employees. TES’s training programs cover a broad range of topics, including our proprietary Sustaining Tomorrow course that looks at global warming, climate change, sustainability regulations, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the circular economy.  

TES is a diverse organization operating across more than 20 countries and embracing contributions from over 75 nationalities. We foster an inclusive environment that encourages broad perspectives and ideas from a collective of different cultures, genders, political beliefs, religious affiliations, and sexual orientations. TES believes it is vital to have diverse representation at all levels of the business.  

Sustainability is a journey, and TES is committed to refining and improving its business sustainability. We aim to maintain the balance between economic, environmental, and social responsibility, which we believe is essential for long-term growth. TES plans to continue improving its communications and engagement with all key stakeholders to achieve its sustainability goals.  

To find out more about our 17 sustainable impact goals and how TES is the partner of choice for managed deployment and data center services, ITAD, re-use and eWaste and battery recycling download our Sustainability Report



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