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Meet the team - Cyrus Lee

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Meet the team... Cyrus Lee
Group Data Analytics Lead, Singapore

What I do
I established the Data Analytics Department of the group, from the implementation of its infrastructure to data lake formation, data governance and management frameworks, project workflows, and much more.

The department now houses many talented and motivated data professionals across our global footprint, with the main force situated in Singapore HQ and others in Australia, India, and the United Kingdom. All of whom I am honored to have entrusted me with their faith and confidence in my leadership.

Together, we bring the world of Big Data and Analytics to TES and the sustainable technology lifecycle industry.


How did you get to work for TES?
I was
introduced to TES back in 2018 while I was building my career within the world of data. Back then, words like 'technology boom,' 'fintech,' 'electric vehicles,' and more were rampant. It was great seeing the world progress in the current age of technology and innovation, especially for data professionals like myself, where jobs were readily available within these firms. I thought to myself, “how do we sustain this growth?” Just like that, the stars aligned, and TES was the answer I was seeking.

I love the challenge brought about by what used to be a niche industry. The beauty of big data and analytics is its universal application in all industries across all business units. I decided to step into where I am now with a fresh outlook. I am proud to have chosen the path of sustainability, undoubtedly the center of attention in the world of 2022.

Tell us an interesting fact about you.
I l
ove to pick up spontaneous hobbies, sometimes I’ll be fishing, a few weeks or months later flipping knives, then learning a new musical instrument. If it sticks, it becomes a lifestyle and a new source of happiness.

So what stuck... Singing, prawning, working out, building computers, cooking, and the Kalimba.

What is your favorite film?
Central Intelligence, throw me any comedy film or skit!

What is your favorite saying?
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” – Confucius, The Analects.

What do you like about working for TES?
Every day is a new project to be part of, a challenge to overcome, and a sight to behold. All of which connect or reconnect me with people around the world, present new knowledge to be learned, and create unique experiences, and I cherish these exposures and interactions.

As a relatively young individual, I am also exceptionally appreciative of the faith and trust that people have in me, regardless of my age. This environment where the young can express themselves and thrive is invaluable to me and others within the organization.

What does it mean to you to work for an organization which is sustaining tomorrow?
We must pass on a better Singapore to the generations of Singaporeans that will come after us, just as the previous generations have done for us.” – Speech by Minister Grace Fu: The Singapore Green Plan – A Pledge to Our Children and Future Generations.

Sustainability has been on the active radar not only in Singapore but globally in its current state. Our seniors' decisions and directions are all for a better tomorrow for our current generation that will take over the reins in due time. We must do the same for our children, have them look back, and be proud of what we have set together. Walking the talk, I am proud to be one of the first of my generation to be on this journey for a better tomorrow.


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