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SGInnovate—Reverse Pitch: Circular Economy

- 3 minute read

Maintaining TES’s best-in-class reuse and recycling rates requires continual innovation and collaboration. 

According to a recent study by Gartner, it is anticipated that 6.4 billion IT devices will be installed in 2022; they will become tomorrow’s e-waste if they are not correctly handled. 

And, to put it bluntly, information communications technology (ICT) devices, such as laptops, mobile phones and servers, are not built with the end in mind. Thus, there are several ever-evolving challenges to ensuring ICT devices are handled correctly at the end of their first lives and that they don’t go on to contribute to the million tons of electrical and electronic waste currently discarded improperly. 

To meet the challenge of the climate crisis, it’s critical to retain these products’ material and financial value by extending their lives as much as possible. It’s also a key requirement to recycle these items and extract the precious materials contained within them.  

Both objectives require collaboration and innovation to make these processes as efficient and economically viable as possible. 

TES _ Ross West“The transition from a linear to a circular economy not only requires behavioural change but quantum innovation.  As a global leader Sustaining Tomorrow, and a company with proud Singaporean heritage, we’re excited about the prospect of collaboration with like-minded Singaporean start-ups”.


Ross West, Group Chief Operating Officer, TES

The Reverse Pitch series, as part of SGInnovate and EDB’s Open Innovation partnership, is aimed to connect open innovation leaders to promote corporate innovation projects and adoption, as well as to catalyze corporate–startup collaborations.  

Ross will use the session to outline several specific challenges requiring innovation as TES continues with its commitment to securely, safely and sustainably transform and repurpose 1 billion kilograms of assets by 2030.

Find out more detail on these challenges and how to join the sessions below:  

April 26, 2022 
4:00 p.m.–5:15 p.m. (Singapore Time, UTC +8) 

How to get involved
To sign up, view the agenda and discover joining instructions to this online event, follow this link.

About Ross
Ross is the Group Chief Operating Officer at TES and is responsible for corporate sustainability, quality, environment, health, safety, production and service delivery.  


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