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IT return solution for home-based workforce

- 7 minute read

TES has partnered with UPS to offer a simplified process to return aged IT equipment, for America’s growing home-based workforce 

Covid 19 immediately pushed the workforce into remote working situations and accelerated digital transformation like never before, the trend certainly looks set to continue into the future.

A recent national survey by getAbstract, reported that a majority of US employees want remote work arrangements to stay.1

hile it’s a popular notion that Covid 19 has been good for the environment, there is growing concern that in the scramble to make up for lost time post lock down, the focus on the slower-moving disaster of climate change will be forgotten. 

In truth consumers and customers alike need environmental solutions that are as uncompromisingly competitive and convenient as they are environmentally friendly. 

With all of this in mind, TES is today has launched a solution which will allow its US customer’s growing army of home workers to return their aged IT assets in a safe, simple and sustainable way; with the launch of a new corporate retail returns solution. 

By partnering with UPS, TES is able to offer customers of its information technology asset disposition (ITAD) services, access to a network of UPS retail locations that offer an outlet within 10 miles of 84% of the US population. 

This solution also allows TES’ customers to continue to benefit from ITAD solutions intrinsically innovative and circular in their nature, even when that workforce is working remotely. 

Two return options are available, direct to mobile or pointing letter. Both options offer an easy, safe and environmentally friendly way to return aged IT assets into TES’ information technology asset disposition (ITAD) processes: 

  1. Direct to mobile 
    The employee looking to return their IT asset is sent a QR code to their mobile phone. 
  1. Pointing letter 
    A letter is sent directing the employee to return their device (along with the letter) to their local UPS store. 

From there, the UPS associate will follow a rigid workflow to ascertain the relevant contact information from the customer, before securely packaging (into ISTA 3A approved, recyclable and reusable packaging) and returning to TES’ unrivalled infrastructure of facilities for onward processing.  

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