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SK tes Celebrates Grand Opening of State-of-the-Art Virginia Facility

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TES Welcomes Representative Abigail Spanberger to officially open the new location in Fredricksburg, VA.


Fredericksburg, VA / March 13, 2024 - Today, TES, a subsidiary of SK Ecoplant, announced the grand opening of its cutting-edge IT asset repurposing and processing facility in Fredericksburg, Va. This state-of-the-art site is dedicated to extending the lifecycle of technology assets and data center equipment, ensuring that valuable materials are not sent to landfills, and supporting the flourishing data center industry in the area. 

TES’s new facility reflects its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility and showcases its commitment to the circular economy. Strategically located with convenient access to the I-95, the 128,000-square-foot site is optimized to process Hyperscale and Enterprise equipment, meeting the specialized needs of the local data center sector.  

To mark this significant milestone, TES and SK ecoplant welcomed Rep. Abigail Spanberger as the guest of honor to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony, a celebration of innovation, sustainability, and the future of technology asset management. 

TES is a leading provider of technology lifecycle management solutions on a global scale, offering services that deliver data security, compliance, and sustainability to clients worldwide when they refresh, return or dispose of their corporate and enterprise IT equipment. In 2022, SK ecoplant, a leader in the Korean environmental services market, acquired 100% of TES, making TES part of SK Group, South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate. With a focus on enhancing its industry-leading global presence, TES has expanded its operations to include this site in Virginia. The new site is fully certified, including accreditation to R2v3, the leading certification for responsible electronics recycling, and will create over 100 well-paying jobs in the Fredericksburg area. 


With the launch of our cutting-edge facility in Virginia, TES is redefining excellence in IT asset disposition and the way we manage our clients’ technology assets,” said Bill Vasquez, TES general manager, Americas. “The growth of recycling and repurposing will pave the way for a sustainable future, where innovation meets environmental consciousness. Our newest facility has been meticulously designed to maximize efficiency and prepare for the rapidly evolving landscape of enterprise technology."


"It was truly a pleasure to welcome Representative Abigail Spanberger to join us in inaugurating our new facility,” said Eric Ingebretsen, TES's chief commercial officer. “Representative Spanberger’s commitment to serving her community and advocating technological innovation aligns perfectly with the values we hold at our company. Her presence highlights the importance of the IT asset disposition sector and the positive impact it can have on both businesses and the environment. We were honored to have her join us on this special occasion and look forward to a successful and long-standing presence in Virginia."


“The opening of this facility represents a major milestone for the future growth of Virginia’s economy. TES has recognized what those of us in Virginia already know — that our Commonwealth and this fast-growing region are fantastic for business,” said Rep. Abigail Spanberger. “I’m proud to represent an area that is growing, thriving, and attracting industry leaders — like TES. This cutting-edge business is focused on recognizing where we are headed — and doing so securely and responsibly. I was glad to share in this celebration, and I look forward to watching your work of balancing responsible stewardship with long-term economic growth."


The Fredericksburg site is strategically located close to the largest data center market in the world, underlining TES’s commitment to delivering top-tier services and expanding its network of facilities worldwide. By leveraging the capabilities of the Virginia site, TES continues to advance its provision of comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clients while maintaining a strong emphasis on security, compliance, and environmental responsibility. TES uses advanced technical tools to ensure the thorough forensic removal of data from technological devices, providing unparalleled security and confidentiality for its Fortune 500 clients. 


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