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TES’s Sustainable Battery Solutions Earns Green World Award

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The Higher Colleges of Technology in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, hosted the 2022 Green World Awards presentation ceremony on March 15 2022. Electric vehicle battery treatment solutions pioneered by TES were honored with a Gold Green World Award in the Green Energy category.  

The Green Organization launched the Green World Awards as the top tier of the Green Apple Environment Awards. The awards provide companies and organizations with environmental recognition not only for themselves but also for their countries. 

The Green Apple Environment Awards were established in 1994 and have become one of the world’s most prestigious recognition campaigns. The awards recognize and reward the endeavors of companies, governments, ministries, departments, agencies, authorities, and individuals who have positively impacted the environment. 

TES has been honored with the Gold Award for its sustainable end-of-life battery management programs. TES facilitates a circular economy by advancing the closed-loop recovery of battery metals and repurposing or reusing batteries through strategic investments in mechanical and chemical processing. In addition, TES is testing repurposing facilities in Singapore; Grenoble, France; and Rotterdam, Netherlands.  

Thomas Holberg, Global Vice President of TES Sustainable Battery Solutions, explained the following: “By adding end-to-end capabilities and geographies, we are innovating and integrating with customer needs and closing the loop on lithium battery production through reuse and improving the collection and recycling of the scarce metals and materials they contain. It’s rewarding to see our efforts being recognized through awards, like the Green World Awards.”

TES has made an additional investment in the battery data platform company Circunomics and has partnered with LiPlus and the University of Munich for the accurate R&D project. By conducting and integrating these activities, TES executes its vision to ensure that scarce battery materials have a useful life for as long as possible. 

The TES sustainable battery offering is typified by end-of-life battery management facilities that operate according to international standards, such as R2 and ISO, and that achieve the highest recovery levels with no harmful atmospheric emissions and with a low energy footprint (compared to pyrometallurgy). This approach is innovative and unique because it delivers solutions that are one-stop shop for battery customers interested in closed-loop, circular economy outcomes in different parts of the world.        

TES has been an early adopter of circular approaches in information technology asset disposition (ITAD) and battery management. In addition to reuse solutions that deliver 100% resource recovery outcomes, TES recovery facilities can achieve a lithium-ion battery recovery rate of over 90% and a purity level yield of almost 99% for products such as cobalt and lithium. 

Beyond the partnerships and collaboration TES has forged in the industry, the company has joined the Global Battery Alliance and adopted its 10 guiding principles agreed to by 70 global organizations, including BASF, BMW, Honda, UNEP, WBCSD, and the Faraday Institute.  

TES Battery Treatment Facility Video, Singapore

Discover how our 'TES B' Battery Recycling Facility in Singapore, is closing the loop on lithium batteries.



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