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20th International Automobile Recycling Congress (IARC) 2021

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TES - IARC Events

TES shares unique insight into Electric Vehicle (EV) treatment and recycling process with local, European and international policymakers and automotive manufacturers.

ICBR is an international platform for reviewing the challenges faced by battery producers and the global commercial battery recycling industry. Hosted in Geneva, Switzerland, TES has been a proud sponsor of the event for many years.

As one of the few vendors in the European market able to offer a mechanical and hydrometallurgical recycling and treatment process for EV batteries, Christian Winkler, TES’s Managing Director for Central Europe, was invited to share expertise and experiences to an audience featuring many of the leaders in the automotive industry. 

You can download Christian’s slide deck here: (R)eUse, (R)epurposing, (R)ecycling, (R)ecovery – Where a(R)e we in terms of lithium-ion-batteries? 

There is an anticipated 14-fold increase in demand expected by 2030 (compared to 2018 levels), given the huge rise for global demand for EV batteries, as car manufacturers and battery producers increase their electric vehicle outputs; so there is an immediate need to close this loop. 

To meet this demand, TES is investing in a global network of sustainable battery treatment and recycling facilities:
TES Closes Deal on Battery Recycling Facility with Port of Rotterdam (2)

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TES’s proprietary, in-house technology breaks batteries down into fine substances. Copper, aluminium, nickel and commodity grade cobalt and lithium are recovered without introducing secondary contaminants into the atmosphere. Our battery recycling process yields commodity-grade purity rates >99% and creates a closed-loop, reusing raw materials from end-of-life batteries that can be used for new products.


Meet the team

Carola Krause
Head of Battery Solutions - EMEA

Carola has over 20 years in the logistics and take-back industry. She is a subject matter expert in end of lifecycle solutions and compliance, including 26 local laws and the Basel Convention.  

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Thomas Holberg
Global Vice President of Battery Operations

TES _ Thomas Holberg
Thomas has over 25 years of experience in the e-waste and ITAD industry and joined TES following the acquisition of Dataserv Group in 2016, where he was Group COO and also co-shareholder after an MBO in 2006.

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