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[Video] ICBR 2023 Interview with Thomas Holberg

- 2 minute read

Exclusive interview with Thomas Holberg Global Vice President of Battery Solutions at TES by ICM AG, during the recent 2023 International Congress for Battery Recycling. Thomas shares invaluable insights into TES's remarkable efforts in Battery Recycling Solutions.

The TES Sustainable Battery Solutions team, led by Thomas Holberg, joined other leading experts in the field of automotive recycling at the ICBR 2023 in Valencia, Spain - on September 6th and 8th.

With over 30 years of experience in e-waste recycling in Europe and more than 15 years in Asia, TES is proud to unveil a comprehensive roadmap to bring Battery Recycling Solutions to every corner of the world.

Thomas also shares some exciting developments on the horizon. As the European EV market continues to thrive, we are thrilled to announce the imminent opening of our new facility in Rotterdam by year-end. Additionally, we are actively exploring opportunities to establish facilities in Iberia, Portugal, and Spain through our strategic partnership with Galp, a prominent energy company in the Iberian region.

While growth presents new challenges, TES remains steadfast in its commitment to finding safe, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions, ultimately benefiting our planet and our valued customers.

You can watch Thomas' interview below.


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